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You almost brought tears to my eyes. I started out at 176 lbs. When I saw the scales on the slide to 180 that was my wake-up call. I too had no energy or endurance and yet had been skinny my whole life. I quit smoking in 2003 and gained weight from there. Although 47 now, I am on the same journey. My goal is the UFE Masters competition in 2011. It has changed my life!. I plan to print your blog and post it on my mirror in the bathroom so that I can wake up each morning and be inspired by your success. I will highlight in yellow your comments that really resonated with me and that will remind me of how all of this is unseemingly possible. Thanks so much for sharing such an important and intimate part of your life. You are definately an inspiration!


I have to tell you I have yet to feel the need to email anyone to let them know what an inspiration! I think I have done so, as it is so relatable. I felt to a degree you were talking about me! I find it funny how we walk through life with that big -fake happy face- on to please others, but inside we are just so unhappy with ourselves. I have a successful career. I have a wonderful husband. I have 3 great sons. What people do not see is what cost to myself it took to get there. Endless hours of study to get credentials, 8 miscarriages, 3 unsuccessful attempts at adoption, a still born daughter, then a hysterectomy, then an allergic reaction to a tropical spider. Here I am now 45 pounds over weight and miserable. I am an emotional eater. Just wanted you to know you sharing where you brought yourself from and where you are now shows determination, dedication and I applaud you. I enjoy the posts on FB and the recipes, although I have not used any as of them yet - I have not gotten there in my mind yet. Cheers!


I’m a wife and mother of two beautiful kids, Carissa (13) and Conner (11) and wonderful husband, Michael. I came to Jenny a couple months ago desperate to figure out why I was not losing any weight. I worked out 6 days a week…cardio and lift heavy. It seemed no matter how much work I did, nothing was changing. Last year, I signed up to do a Figure Competition. After 2 months of dieting on 50 grams of carbs a day and only eating fish and greens, I had to bow out. I was doing cardio an hour a day, 7 days a week plus lifting. Needless to say, it was a bad experience. I was so malnourished I was losing my hair and muscle. I had to forgo the event in place of my sanity. And a wise choice that was! I had been taught a couple years ago the Atkins diet so had also been severely carb depleted. I feared carbs as I was told if I ate them I would gain weight. I dropped to all of 99 lbs during that time! As I look back now at pictures, I thought I looked great then. Boy was I shocked! I looked unhealthy to say the least!

All this yo-yo dieting, coupled up with the Figure diet, then not adding enough carbs back into my diet left my body in a wreck. I thought the more I did, things would get better. Well, not the case! I kept reading articles about Metabolic Damage. I feared that was me. I finally broke down and contacted Jenny. And that was the day my life began J. She gave me a well rounded diet that included all food groups. Even my carbs! See, I had been stuck on the “low carb” Bodybuilder style diet. Same foods every day. Your standard brown rice, sweet potato, oatmeal, lean turkey, chicken or fish. Her diet had me eating lean beef, greek yogurt, fruit (something  I rarely ate) and fats like olive oil, avocados, black beans. Well, my body was loving the variety of foods! And I was a much happier person. I was in diet prison before I met Jenny. As, I started following her plan, I noticed my body changing…for the better! See your body holds onto fat in a suppressed diet. And with her diet it released everything making my body change! I was for once in years, enjoying my food! No more fear of eating carbs, fruit or greek yogurt! It was a blessing we met! Without her help I would still be in that diet prison…scared to eat and enjoy life! So, thank you jenny for giving me my life back!!! XOXOXO



I'm from Australia and stumbled across your Facebook page recently and fell in love with everything and everyone including you. I am now Hypothyroid after having a very large mass, and my thyroid removed a year ago. The past year has been a rollercoaster with weight and I finally have it under control partly because of you. I gained 12kgs in 4 months following surgery and I have now lost 18kgs and gained a whole lot of lean muscle. Mainly due to taking some good supplements, eating your amazing food constantly and training the house down 5 days a week. I read your adrenal fatigue post yesterday and it deeply resonated with me to be mindful of myself and my ongoing journey to fitness as a young Mumma to two beautiful babies and dedicated wife. So basically i just wanted to let you know I'm very thankful for your presence in my life even if it is from the other side of the globe and only through social media. Thank You!


When I first started asking Jen for help I was desperate to change! I had worked with many other trainers and nutritionists. The food they had me eat was always ok for awhile. Meaning I could will myself eat it for a few weeks. When I got my first meal plan from Jen I was blown away at how tasteful and delicious the recipes were. I love that some weeks she has made the food simple for convenience. Yet other meal plans take more time to prepare. The food is amazing!! Her recipes and ideas are brilliant! The meal plans are easily the best I have ever been given, and one of my favorite parts of training with Jen. I love Jens positive attitude and zest for health. I know that I have found an incredibly knowledgeable, and passionate nutritionist in Jen.


Jenny has given my fitness routine, and eating habits an added boost that I needed to achieve my fitness goals. I love the fact that I can go online when I am bored with my meal plan or exercise routine and order something new and challenging. When I order from Jenny I usually have my new meal or exercise plan within 1-3 days! She also checks on me via email at least weekly, if not more, to see how I am doing. I love that Jenny is a everyday person, who decided to take charge and change the things in her life that she was not happy with. She is a very positive influence, and a great role model and coach! Since I have started training with Jenny I no longer get the insane cravings that were holding me back before, and I feel happier and healthier than ever before. My meal plans are manageable and the food in the meal plans is fairly standard and easy to find.


Thanks for making me feel beautiful ☺ Things are going pretty good for me as far as my eating is going and I love the personal touch you always put on my meal plans. I think the calorie count is doing well for me, I have started having a protein shake every night before bed and I think it has helped a lot. Clean eating has now become such a simple way to eat that my past "convienence" foods never even make it into my grocery cart. It is so easy to eat right and the way it makes me feel and perform is unbelievable. My workouts and running have improved so dramatically, I am now able to workout twice a day and look forward to every workout because I feel so energized from the foods you have suggested. The way you put clean recipes together has really educated me and made my life so much better. Thanks for everything you do for so many people. You are a real inspiration and I truly cannot thank you enough!!!!


These recipes are great...Down another lb on a "random" weigh in this morning! I am not looking for double digits in a week weight loss, I'm looking for (possibly) triple digits gone and then maintenance for the rest of my life. It didn't come on in a week, it won't go off in a week. ☺ I feel GREAT, way more energy than I thought I could have and definitely more than other "folks my age" who are still eating all that "yummy" (not) processed crap that we've eaten forever. I like this much better! My sleeves are looser, and my capris fit better right out of the dryer and we know that's always great! I'm shopping for sundress and swimsuit (that doesn't look like granny, but not like the teeny bopper down the street either – yet) this week.


A few months before my 50th birthday, I was not in a happy place with my diet and my weight. I've heard it said that clean eating is 80% of the formula for a lean body. I can confirm that, because no matter how hard I worked on the other 20% I just couldn't get the results I coveted.

I have tried dieting many times but always failed. The lean body always eluded me. I thought I knew what to do, but Jenny supplied the HOW, the motivation and support. She is REAL, and knows how to balance a healthy lifestyle with family and work. My complete trust in her was a huge factor in the success of this plan.

I don't mean to say this was EASY. It required a total commitment on my part to make the shopping and food preparation high priority. The recipes are not complicated but the food does require time to prepare. I was required to step up my organization and discipline to attend to the planning and preparation. This starts to require a lot less effort as the habits become ingrained, the refrigerator and pantry get restocked with healthy, high quality ingredients, and (hopefully) family members get "on board" with the program.

I thought there was no such thing as a satisfying snack for under 150 calories. I was introduced to new products and healthful, tasty combinations that I would never have discovered on my own.

Jenny's recipes are so good that family members don’t protest the "health" food. Even the most diehard junk food lovers in my family love this food.

I really feel my mood, energy level, and general outlook have improved greatly. Besides being able to wear "cuter" clothes, I have had a drastic decrease in aches and pains, both fibromyalgia and post workout. My knees are soooo much happier when I run. Overall inflammation of every kind is down. I didn't realize how much pain I had accepted as normal.

I am near my 50th birthday and I feel and look (I'm told) healthier and more fit than when I was 30. Jenny provides not just a "diet", but a wealth of information and recipes that will benefit long after the one month. She has helped me achieve a complete retraining of habits and routines from which I expect to benefit for the rest of my life.

UPDATE: One year later, I am happy to say I have kept off the 15 lbs of fat that I lost while following Jenny's meal plans. The lifestyle changes I have learned have been both sustainable and enjoyable. I continue to receive motivation, support and new recipe ideas from Recipe GALS. Thank you Jenny for so generously inviting us GALS along on your fitness journey, and for being such a huge part of mine!

-Fran Frost


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