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Meal planning,especially healthy meal planning can be a challenge. My goal is to assist you in this process. I want to make it simpler, giving you several options to ensure your success.

Customized Meal Plans        

If you want a plan that is customized around your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes, dietary restrictions, and have very specific goals in mind, this is the plan for you. Just like the standard meal planning option, you'll receive my tried and true great–tasting recipes, veggies and fruits, and enough protein to help you achieve your goals.

The focus of my meal–planning service is to help you establish a clean–eating lifestyle. Many women come to me wanting to build muscle, lose weight, or decrease their bodyfat percentage. We will build your plans each week to help move you in the right direction and can fine tune and make adjustments as we go. This is an added benefit of the customized option.

All customized meal plans come with a weekly schedule — outlining meals, timing, daily calories and macros (your parameters), shopping lists, and recipes.

Competitor Meal Plans        

If you are looking to compete in Bikini, Figure, or have a Photoshoot coming up and fall within the 8–20 week window and need some help cleaning up your diet and staying on track, this is the option for you. With not as much "fluff" as my other two meal–planning options, this meal plan is fairly straight forward. We'll make sure we provide your body with the exact nutrients it needs to lean out, maintain muscle, and sustain your energy throughout. The earlier you start "tightening" up your diet, the better the results over the long-term and the easier the overall competitor prep process will be.

Each competitor meal plan comes with a daily schedule you will follow anywhere from 1–2 weeks (varies on the individual and results) — outlining meals, exact measurements, daily calories and macros (your parameters).


Thank you for my all of my wonderful meal plans, I have come a very long way the past few months because of the time and effort you put into my meal planning. You introduced me to foods I never would have thought to try and some I had never even heard of. I lost a total of two inches on my thighs, one inch on my abs and my ab muscles pop out now. I have muscle showing now in places I never knew I had muscle!! My clothes fit much better and I look like a new person in them, especially my jeans. The scale did not move very much at all, only eight pounds and I am guilty of getting discouranged by the scale. But, when I took my after pictures I could not believe my eyes, my body had changed drastically. I still have a long way to go but I never could have come this far without you Jen!! My energy level has skyrocketed, I work out twice a day six days a week. My running has improved dramatically, not only my speed but my endurance and even my running form. My IT band problem seems to have disappeared and I attribute that to my muscle gain and fat loss, however; I attribute your meal planning to all of these positive changes. Another "side effect" from your clean eating plans is younger looking skin!! I visited some family last month that I had not seen since March and someone actually asked me if I had botox injections or a face lift!! I told them that i switched to eating clean and drinking lots of water. Who doesn't want to be asked that??

I was working out in the gym recently and a group of three ladies approached me and asked me how much I charge for a training session!! They thought I looked like a personal trainer!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! YOU are a miracle worker!! If there is one thing I could tell others who are struggling with their weight it is DO NOT look at the scale as the only indication of weight loss, do not get discouraged and be patient, as long as you follow a plan you will get the results you want. Also, a cheat meal is soooo important, at first I was afraid to do a cheat meal but once I scheduled one into my week, I found I had less cravings during my week which helped me stay "honest" throughout the week. Also, take before pictures and after pictures that is where you will see results. I was embarrassed to ask my boyfriend to take my pictures but I was not embarrassed to ask him take the after pictures.☺ Also, most cameras have a self timer so there are truly no excuses!!

Over the past three months I have not only changed my body but I have changed my entire lifestyle. Eating clean has been the best thing I have ever done for my health, I have never felt better!! I still have a long way to go and I know I will get there soon but without your personalized help I never could have made it this far.

Thank you a million times over!!!!

Your forever friend, Lisi ☺

The past two months with you has been a wonderful experience. You made eating clean easy and tasty! I would not have been able to start this journey without your help. I lost another pound last week, btw. Thank you for making this so easy! I hope to work with you again soon!


This is the first meal plan I have ever been given that is do-able and enjoyable for me. My motivation and energy are running high. Your instructions and recipes are excellent. You even did the shopping list!


I can't believe it's the start of my 3rd week ∼ I'm loving the new me! I was wearing a size 12/10 and today was able to get into a size 6 (which I think runs big) I am probably a Size 8, but I am so excited and thrilled to see the results. I'm not hungry or tired, loving the new clean eating and feeling great ∼ my energy is unbelievable delightful. I am sleeping 7 to 8 hours every night and working out on M–W–F–Sa for an hour total every other morning, training for a 1/2 marathon and working hard. I am addicted to eating at 5 AM every morning and can't believe how much I crave it so early in the morning.


Oh yeah ∼ My lowest weight in 5 years! I am so motivated, focused and determined! Feeling great energy and enjoy my new eating "clean" routine! I LOVE THE WAY I EAT!

The only negative thing to report is my hip condition. I am still in pain! Ran 4 miles last night and had to quit. Not happy, but will have to switch to another form of exercise... Yoga, P90X and bike is what I will be changing to until I am completing healed ∼ I think it will be a good switch for my body to change things up a bit and know that diet is a huge part of my weight loss success!

I'm IN love with how I feel, look and can finally say after years of yo–yo dieting, the "New Me" is IN CONTROL and focused! I am down 15 pounds and have 15 pounds to go... I'M HALF WAY TO MY GOAL OF WHERE I WAS WHEN I MET MY HUSBAND @ the age of 28 ∼ YIPPEE!

Thanks again for taking me on with your busy schedule... You have changed the way I look and take care at myself. I have a greater appreciation of eating, routine, health and exercise and I love being "in control" of my own energy and body. Here's to you and all your efforts for encouraging me and for helping me achieve a healthy & happy way to enjoy life again!

–Amy Gannon


As of November 1, 2011 I am choosing to only work with 6 women at a time. This will ensure the highest quality of service for each one of my paying customers and will also allow me the balance I need to manage all aspects of my life. I appreciate your understanding in advance.

You can confirm current availability by first emailing me at; however your spot will not be confirmed and held until payment is received. This is the only way I can think of to keep it fair for everyone.

Once you complete the registration for the meal-planning option of your choice, I will put you in the very next available opening. Right now I am about 4–6 weeks out. All plans start at the beginning of the following month.

Upon payment PayPal should automatically send you a meal–plan form to complete. If it does not, please email me at, and I will forward it to you.

In addition to the form, I will need you to log your foods for 3 days. I'll need individual break downs as well as totals for each day for Calories, Proteins, Carbs, Fats, and Sugars. Please forward this information to me at

At this time I am focusing primarily on women. If you dietary needs outside of allergies (ie Vegan), please email me first before signing up.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

My life revolves around food. I'm so excited to share my experience, my recipes, and my planning with you.


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