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The last few years have been nothing short of amazing.

My fan page, "Recipes for Gals in Figure & Bodybuilding" has grown exponentially purely by word of mouth. My gals share what they love, and I am so thankful they've found it in their hearts to love me.

My cookbook, "75 Ways to Love Your Oatmeal" ( is in its 2nd printing thanks to its popularity. My next two cookbooks are well on their way, but as anyone knows publishing is expensive – especially when you're as picky as I am and want them to be as professional as possible.

I receive dozens of emails, instant messages, and even phone calls from women who are embarking on their own journey — but need a little bit of help. I am so grateful they trust me enough to ask for my help, but each email, instant message, and phone call takes time.

Every morning I am up a little earlier than I'd like. Why? So I can be there for my loyal gals. Each morning my goal is to be online when then need me — to inspire, motivate, share, answer questions, and help.

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  • What started out a few years back as being something I did a few minutes each day for "fun", my page has turned in to a full–time job and requires much of my time.

    With the growth of my page, recipes are getting lost in Notes and buried in Discussions. Facebook continues to make changes that affect the ease of finding entries and recipes we all want.

    Because of all of the above, I created Jen Fit's Playground — my fitness and recipe blog. I hired the best blog designer I could find to help me create a blog that reflected my personality. I wanted nothing but the best for my readers.

    You'll still find all of my old entries and new ones covering everything from first time competing to the correct way to fuel for a marathon. You'll also find blog entries on personal subjects like binge eating, eating disorders, and my personal struggle with Adrenal Fatigue and Hashimotos. I wear my heart on my sleeve in my writing, and I share it all with you.

    I regularly post exclusive recipes solely to the blog that I don't post on Facebook.

    You'll also be able to save your favorite recipes to your own recipe box and will have the ability to print those recipes you love so that you have them on hand in the kitchen.

    By being a paying subscriber you'll also help support me and my efforts, and I think that's important and so extremely appreciated.

    For $24 a year you'll have access to every recipe posted on the blog — a very small "investment".

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    Thank you in advance for your support. It really does help me in more ways than one. I love what I do, but it helps me recoup a fraction of the time I invest to help you and all of my gals. Happy Cooking!


    I am completely obsessed with the playground; you're blogs and recipes – love them!! Thank you for taking the time to invest in our lives and be such a tremendous encourager.

    — Amanda Lou Conte


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